Membership of the CICCC

Name Locality Contact
Bro Sheffield-Brotherton Combined Environment Groups
Deborah Macfarlane Community Representative living in Kensington
Faye Simpson Community Representative living in Doncaster East
Ian Thomas Community Representative living in Williamstown
Michael Isaachsen Community Member living in Footscray
Phil Jones Terminals Pty Ltd
Wayne Cooke Terminals Pty Ltd
Gary O’Sullivan Operations Manager, Terminals Pty Ltd
Robin Saunders Chair | 03 9853 7510
Agency Representatives who attend meetings on request
Dannae Campbell Worksafe
Stephen Lansdell Manager, Western Metro Region, EPA
Zoe Smith Emergency Management – Community Resilience Coordinator, Maribyrnong City Council

Meeting Times

Meetings are held four times each year, on specified Tuesdays, at 3:00 pm. The Committee meets at the Terminals site office in Mackenzie Road, Coode Island.

The next meeting of the CICCC is on 12 November 2019 at 3pm, at Terminals’ site office on Mackenzie Road, Coode Island.

Suggested meeting dates for 2020: Tuesdays 4 February, 19 May, 25 August, 8 December 2020